Collective Worship

This half term we are thinking about Trust.

We will be thinking about what trust means – being able to trust one another and being a trustworthy person ourselves. We will reflect upon how important trust is within friendships and how  others may need to depend on us, at times.

We will  listen to stories from the old and new testament which illustrate trust. Also, we will consider how Jesus encouraged his people to trust one another and trust in God. We will think about his words:

‘Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.’ –  John 14:1

How can parents help?

Parents can support their children by talking to them about what it means to be trustworthy and being someone on whom others can depend. Parents may also like to take this opportunity to talk to children about how trust needs to be built up over time. We will be reminding children that it is important to have developed trusting relationships, in order to keep themselves safe.