Class 1

Class 1 have been working very hard this year. We are the largest class in school at the moment with 24 children!

We have just completed a really exciting topic all about Space. We were really lucky to have Mrs Smith – (Rosemary’s Grandma) who came in to talk to us about meteors, meteorites and meteoroids, and she brought in some very interesting magnetic rocks which actually came from space. Their magnetism was very strong. Some children were inspired to make space pictures of their own.

We continued the theme of Space in Design Technology with  Mrs Hayton. We designed them ourselves and made real models from our designs. You can see how well they turned out!





The whole class have been using a computer programme called ‘Maths Whizz’. The Year 2 children have been leading the rest of the school in how many progressions they have made over the last half-term. Iestyn has been top of the table for a long time now! Well done Iestyn!