Class 3

Welcome to Class 3.

Please click on the links below to read letters from Mrs T,  Miss Wilson and Mrs Brown:

Miss Wilson whole school Letter 7

Art Week 6 – Mrs Brown

Class 3 Letter 6 Mrs T

Class 3  Letter 6 Miss Wilson

Class 3 Letter 5 Mrs T

Class 3 Letter 5 Miss Wilson

Art Week 5 – Mrs Brown

Class 3 Letter 4 Mrs T

Class 3 Letter 4 Miss Wilson

Art Week 4 – Mrs Brown

Class 3  Letter 3 Mrs T

Class 3 Letter 3 Miss Wilson

Class 3 Letter 2 Mrs T

Class 3 Letter 2 Miss Wilson

Art Week 2 – Mrs Brown

YouTube safety guidelines

Class 3 Letter 1 Mrs T

Class 3 Letter 1 Miss Wilson

We hope you enjoy seeing what some of your friends have been up to whilst at home during the lockdown:

A New Pet – TG

Oscar created a super Power Point on WW2 planes. Here it is as a PDF version:

OSCAR Planes from World War 2

My favourite day on the farm – Tom

Ginny’s shadow puppet

Ginny’s shadow investigation

Impressive work on reflections in a mirror and  angles of incidence from Oscar and Reuben!

A super, slippery, shape poem, Ginny:

GH poem

Some children have been working so hard with their writing…

This next piece of writing brought tears to our eyes…

Lines from Class letters poem

JK Rowling Biography

Octopus sonnet

Dolphin poem

My German Letter

More awesome work by some superb artists:

Who would have thought that homework on shadows would be so much fun!

Perhaps you could think of some captions for these?

Some wonderful writing Class 3:

And awesome artwork!

Here’s a lovely letter to Mrs T…

G’s letter to Mrs T