We have had a busy time in Reception Class!

Science Day

On the 15th March we had our School Science Day, where we all learnt about the topic ‘Change.’ In Reception Class we were looking at the changing of materials from a solid to a liquid. We came into school to find that the Ice Queen had frozen some of our toys! We decided that we needed to melt the ice to get to the toys, so we left one bowl in the classroom, one out in the sun and we put the final bowl in some warm water.

The children predicted that the warm water would melt the ice faster and it did! They checked in on their predictions and finally all the toys were rescued!

We also spent time painting on a big block of ice with paintbrushes. We all got a shock when the paint froze to the ice! As the ice started to melt the different colours mixed and made some lovely patterns.

We had some fun in the in the gloop too. We pushed, squeezed and moulded it in our hands as a solid and let it go to watch it take on the properties of a liquid. It was also fun because it was very messy!

Just a little mix…







What’s happening to this ice?







Waiting patiently…









African Thumb Pots

As part of our ‘Around the World’ learning we each created an African Thumb pot.

We learnt about the importance of these pots to certain African tribes and found out what they are used for. We experimented and investigated the clay first, working out how hard we would have to push to mould the clay. We also learnt some techniques to pinch and smooth the clay using our fingers and a little water.

After the pots had dried we looked at some traditional designs and then created their own.

Around the World

We spent some time learning about the different places around the world. We looked at maps, tried new foods and even had a go at counting to ten in lots of languages!

Finding out about famous landmarks like Big Ben, The Sydney Opera House and The Great Wall of China was very interesting. First we had to use a map to find out where they all are in the world then we each created a line drawing of one. They look fantastic!