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Please note, all governors at Rosley School are not in governance roles elsewhere within education institutions and do not have material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff.

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Miss Wilson
Head Teacher

Head Teacher Governor, for duration of Headship.
Governing Body meetings – 2018/19 attended 5 of 5 meetings.
Personnel, Finance and Premises committee – 2018/19 attended 5 of 5 meetings.
Curriculum and Standards Committee – 2018/19 attended 1 of 1 meeting.
Admissions Committee – 2018/19 attended 2 of 2 meetings.

As a member of the Governing Body, I am able to keep them informed of progress and attainment of children on a regular basis through my Head Teacher reports.  We work closely together to identify areas for school improvement.

I also keep them updated of any relevant changes in education and outcomes of meetings with our school consortium (RSC).

We work together to ensure policies and procedures relating to all aspects of school life are in place .

We are extremely lucky at Rosley to have such an active and supportive Governing Body and it is a pleasure to work with them.

Mrs Jen Osborne
Parent Governor

Volunteer Parent Governor – Appointed in March 2019 for a four year term ending in 2023
Full Governing Body Meetings – attended 2 of 2 (due to time of joining the GB)
Personnel, Finance & Premises (clerk) – New to the Committee

I have always lived in the area and my son attended Busy Bees Pre School before starting  Rosley CE.
We always intended for him to come to Rosley School and we particularly love the friendly atmosphere and open door attitude. It is wonderful that every child is known as an individual, not only by their teacher but the entire team of staff within the school.
As a parent governor I look forward to supporting the school in all aspects and helping to continue the caring, family feel that the school offers.

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Mr David Wilde
Foundation Governor

Appointed by the Parochial Church Council in 2016 for four years ending 2020.
Responsible for Safeguarding & Heads Appraisal.
Governing Body meetings – 2018/19 attended 5 of 5 meetings.
Personnel, Finance & Premises – 2018/ 2019 attended 2 of 5 meetings.
Hearings Committee (Chair)  & pupil discipline – no meetings called during 2018/19

I became a Foundation governor in March 2016.

Both our boys attended Rosley School and had a tremendous experience, both regarding their education and preparing them for the next step into the big world of secondary education.

During some of the time the boys attended the school I was chair of the Rosley School Support Group, and we had a great time raising funds through various ways, but the most memorable were the 150 mile cycle rides, such as the Coast to Coast route that became almost regular!

The school link to the church and the diocese helps provide a broader education than many schools can offer, and I am looking forward to contributing to that very close bond, and to the continued success of the school and its “high academic standards”.

Mrs Joan Gate
Foundation Governor – Vice Chair

Appointed 2013 by Parochial Church Council, for four years ending in  2017, and re-appointed for a further term ending in 2021.
Responsible for Safeguarding and Food and Nutrition.
Governing Body meetings – 2018/19 attended 5 of 5 meetings.
Personnel, Finance and Premises Committee – 2018/19 attended 5 of 5 meetings.
Curriculum and Standards Committee (chair) – 2016/17 attended 1 of 1 meeting.
Admissions Committee (chair) – 2018/19 attended 2 of 2 meetings.

I became a foundation governor in September 2013, and took on the role of Chair in September 2015.

I have two daughters, who both attended Rosley School many years ago and loved every minute of it.  During their time at school I had an active role in the Rosley School Support Group, raising funds for many projects, including the sports field, the Nativity scene, paths in the nearby woods and so many more.  It’s great to see them still being used.

I am very happy to part of the governing body to ensure that Rosley School gives all children the best opportunity to grow and learn in excellent surroundings,  helping them to flourish in a safe environment.

As part of my governor’s role, you might see me in the school kitchen, working alongside Mrs Dickinson as she cooks nutritional and delicious lunches for all our pupils and some of the Busy Bees children too.

Reverend Eileen Reid
Diocesean Representative – Assistant Treasurer

Joined the team of governors in September 2018.
Responsible for Heads appraisal, Pupil Attendance
Full governing body meetings – 2018/19 attended 5 of 5 meetings
Personnel, Finance & Premises – 2018/19 attended 2 of 5 meetings
Admissions – 2018/19 attended 1 of 2 meetings
Hearings – 2018/19 no meetings were called

We warmly welcome Rev Reid to the team of governors, who joins us as Diocesean representative.
Already she is an active and busy member of the governing team and will often be seen in school.

Mrs Glynis Milburn
Foundation Governor

It was quite a privilege to be asked to be on the board of governors of Rosley C of E School. My grandchildren are pupils here and I have watched them grow into confident, caring young people from the guidance and leadership given by the staff. As a Retired Lay Reader I am happy that they are pupils at a school that has such a strong Christian ethos and good links with Rosley Church.

I am an Independent Funeral Celebrant and as such I could hopefully, help children learn about that side of “life” should  the question every arise.

We dream for all our children to grow up to be happy, kind-hearted, caring, responsible and successful members of God’s Creation and Rosley schoolchildren are well on their way to being these members.”

Proverbs 22: 6   Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

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Mrs Rebecca Bird
LA Governor

Rebecca is Managing Director of a local Education based employment agency and training provider. She has daily contact with Schools, Teachers and Support Staff which gives her a sense of perspective and a good degree of knowledge of educational issues. She is a qualified HR Professional and has worked at HR Director level across a number of sectors for the last 15 years. Rebecca hopes that her experience and involvement will be an asset to Rosley School, which holds a fond place in her heart as her daughter attended the school and flourished under the care and teaching of the school.

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Mrs Sarah Keane
Parent governor

Volunteer parent Governor, appointed in 2018 for four years ending in 2023.
Responsible for Children Looked After.
Full Governing Body Meetings – 2018/19 attended 4 of 5 meetings ( due to time of appointment to GB)
Committee – 2018/19 attended 1 of 2 meetings
Curriculum and Standards Committee (clerk) – attended 1 of 1 meeting
Hearings Committee (no meetings were called)

We moved to Rosley in 2011 just before our daughter was born. Both our children attended Busy Bees prior to starting Rosley School and they are very settled there.

I love the family feel within the school and the values it instills. School always strives to listen to what parents want and, where it can, will deliver this.

I’m very much looking forward to supporting the school in my capacity as parent governor since my appointment in November 2018.

Mr Julian Earle
Foundation Governor – Chair

Appointed in 2018 by the Parochial Church Council for four years, ending in 2023.
Responsible for Christian Values, Early Years, Health & Safety.
Governing Body Meetings -2018/19 attended 3 of 4 (due to time of appointment to committee)
Curriculum and Standards Committee – 2018/19 attended 1 of 1 meeting
Admissions Committee – 2018/19 attended 1 of 2 meetings
Appeals Committee -2018/19 no meetings were called

I moved to Rosley with my family in the summer of 2017 after over twenty years of being a Primary school teacher in Birmingham, including Leadership roles and being a governor.

My wife and I run Stocks Wood Outdoor Centre delivering outdoor learning to the local community with a Forest School ethos.

I have a grown-up son and daughter. my passions include music – playing several instruments – and mountaineering.

I became a foundation governor in November 2018 and as a Christian I’m looking forward to working with the school, supporting its christian ethos and being part of its successful journey.

Mrs Joanne Pow


I began my teaching career at Rosley in late 2015 and what an exciting time I’ve had teaching in the different classes since then! I currently work full time teaching Years 1 and 2 and am lucky enough to get time with Reception class too. I love my role at the lower end of the school, as I get to develop early learning!