Collective Worship

Our Christian Value for this half term is Hope.  

‘May the God of Hope fill you with joy and peace.’ (Romans 15.13)

Sometimes it can be hard to have hope, especially in difficult or worrying times. However, Christians believe that Jesus teaches about hope as something that can grow, with encouragement and faith. Hope is to be shared. 

We will be thinking about how hope sustains us through difficult times and motivates us to turn our dreams into reality. 

We will reflect upon the teachings of Jesus and consider how hope in God is rooted in love, faithfulness and reliability. 

Click on the link below to see an overview of our Collective Worship in school:

Worship Leaders

These four children are our fabulous Worship Leaders. They are responsible for developing the Collective Worship in our school and ensuring that all our pupils have a voice about worship. They have introduced a volunteer system and ‘teaspoon prayers’ so far. They meet every fortnight to discuss progress.

Value Launch Days

Every term, we work with our church community to hold a ‘Value Launch Day’. Classes take it in turns to experience a carousel of prayer spaces and activities which explore our focus Christian values. We often hold these days in the church, the village hall and in the Parish Woods. Our most recent Value Launch Day focussed on ‘Trust’ and ‘Peace’ and involved the children exploring these values in prayer spaces in church. These are some of our previous Value Launch Days:

Last half term our focus was ‘Courage’: