Design & Technology

At Rosley CE School, we believe that Design and Technology enhances our curriculum by engaging children, igniting their creativity and preparing them for life in a rapidly changing world. 

The knowledge and skills acquired in Design and Technology will serve our pupils well beyond their primary years, from persevering in solving problems to evaluating their works and responding to feedback. These are skills children will utilise throughout their lives. 

Our curriculum ensures children have the opportunity to design and make SOMETHING, for SOMEONE, for a PURPOSE. They learn to evaluate existing products and can draw on specifics of existing products to support them when creating their own designs. 

Children enjoy the practical nature of Design and Technology and are carefully guided to improve their making skills using a range of different techniques, building on their prior knowledge and overcoming obstacles as they come. Children evaluate their products with the user in mind. They share their designs with others and give and receive feedback to support their future learning. 

Where possible, we link our curriculum to our Cumbrian locality. This may involve the choice of ingredients, investigating farm to fork, or may involve work towards local enterprise projects. However, it is also important that our Design and Technology broadens our pupils’ horizons by introducing them to technology and materials beyond their immediate experience. 

Progression in Design & Technology

Design & Technology Long Term Plan