Our Aims

At Rosley CE School, we believe English is at the heart of learning, enabling children to communicate effectively and creatively with others and to give order and meaning to experiences, feelings and ideas.  Our English vision is to foster a love of both the spoken and written word, and to nurture effective communicators for life.

Speaking and Listening

Speaking and listening plays an integral role in English, in the wider curriculum and in the development of children’s social and emotional skills. It is at the core of effective communication and is essential for developing vocabulary and language. We aim to provide speaking, listening and drama opportunities to develop children’s skills in English as well as their concentration, self-confidence, imagination and empathy.


We believe that reading is a life skill every child should be entitled to have. We aim to foster a love of reading and, therefore, attach great importance to enabling our children to become fluent readers. We approach reading in three different ways; through reading for pleasure, reading across the curriculum and teaching reading skills explicitly. We use Read, Write Inc to teach reading, writing and phonics in EYFS and Key Stage 1. We want not only to inspire children through books but also to promote a love of reading to empower our children to become life-long readers. We aim to provide a rich and varied literary experience and view books as gateways to other worlds, which fuel our imaginations, increase our knowledge and challenge our preconceptions.


We aim to inspire, excite and engage our children in writing, by providing a rich literary and oral environment. We want our children to write for sheer enjoyment but also to have the knowledge and skills necessary to write imaginative, coherent and meaningful texts. We aim to do this by providing inspiring and high-quality texts, encouraging talk for writing, using ‘real life’ purpose and audience for writing and by equipping children with the necessary technical skills. We encourage children to apply a variety of ‘magpie’ ideas as well as the taught spelling, punctuation and grammatical tools so that they are confident in their own abilities to edit their writing in a positive and dynamic way. We use Read, Write Inc to teach spelling in KS2. We aim to strike a healthy balance between teaching the technical act of writing and the creative art of writing, so that children achieve success and take pride and enjoyment in their writing.

Please find below the Progression in English documents, which show the key knowledge and skills covered across the school.

Progression in English

English Long Term Plan

Reading Spines 2022 – 2023