Religious Education

Our Aims

RE is central to learning at Rosley Church of England School. We aim to enable children to develop their understanding of Christianity and other world faiths, including Islam and Buddhism, in order that they may become respectful individuals who can communicate and understand others with the same or differing views and who can give meaning and value to experiences, feelings and ideas.

At Rosley CE School, the RE vision is to foster key Christian values that all children may demonstrate in their daily lives and which will help them to make positive contributions to their families, communities and the wider world around them. At the same time, we aim to teach children to question thoughtfully and compare compassionately in order to respect and celebrate the diversity of beliefs and cultural practices held by people in the wider community, across the UK and around the world.

We aim to provide children with a wide range of opportunities to explore Christianity and other faiths through discussions, exploring key religious texts and artefacts, and (when appropriate) drama opportunities to develop children’s empathy and understanding of different beliefs, traditions and practices. We encourage children to compare and contrast aspects of different faiths and to determine how they are reflected in the world around them.

At Rosley School, we understand that most of our pupils come from a predominantly white British background and many will not come in contact with any religion, or only come in contact with Christianity, outside of school. Whilst ever respectful of the beliefs of our school families, we aim to incorporate trips and in-school visits to expand children’s experiences of religions. These trips include visiting the village church, and inviting members of the local Christian community into school to share their faith and experiences and visiting the Cathedral in Carlisle to gain a different awareness of Christianity. Children will also develop an understanding of other faiths, including in-school visits and visits to places of worship, including Muslim prayer rooms and Buddhist temples as children explore these faiths through twice yearly focused RE enrichment weeks developing their awareness and understanding of non-Christian beliefs in Key Stage 2. These enrichment weeks build on the foundational awareness and knowledge developed through key stage 1 RE units focusing on Islam and Buddhism.

Please find below the Progression in RE documents, which show the key knowledge and skills covered across the school.

Progression in RE

RE Long Term Plan