Our Aims

At Rosley CE School, we believe that all pupils should have the opportunity to explore a wide range of musical genres and instruments throughout their time at the school. Music is taught using whole class Music lessons at KS1 and through both whole class lessons and wider musical opportunities available to Key Stage 2 children.  We aim to enable children to develop a love of singing and to also explore key dimensions of music including pulse, pitch, tempo, rhythm, dynamics, timbre, texture and musical structure.

All pupils develop practical music making and compositional skills and are given regular opportunities to perform for an audience. Such opportunities include singing and playing instruments in Christian services throughout the year, taking part in the whole school Christmas musical production, and, in upper KS2, performing in the end of year production. We also hold community events and bi-annual talent shows where children are encouraged to develop their whole class, solo and small ensemble performance skills, sharing musical skills developed both in school and beyond.

At Rosley School, all pupils have the opportunity to explore a range of tuned and percussion instruments within class music lessons. In lower Key Stage 2 all pupils also take part in weekly musical instrument lessons and have the opportunity to join the school choir. These are taught by a specialist peripatetic music teacher.

Please find below the Progression in Music documents, which show the key knowledge and skills covered across the school.

Progression in Music

Music Long Term Plan