Physical Education

Our Aims

For FITNESS   –     For FUN    –   For ALL    –    For LIFE        

Through good Physical Education, Christian values and a whole child approach, we aim to nurture confident, resilient children who will strive for their personal best. PE, PA and SS is an integral part of our school practices used to give all pupils a sense of achievement and develop positive attitudes towards themselves and others.

Through the progressive development of Physical Literacy (the fundamental skills all children need), we aim to give pupils the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to participate and/or excel in physical activities and engage in competitive sports. We aim to promote the enjoyment of physical activity which leads to active, healthy lifestyles and helps build positive foundations for lifelong participation. We recognise the vital role PE plays in promoting a healthy body, developing physical fitness and stamina, as well as having a positive impact on mental health and cognitive development. We aim to provide opportunities for character development, enabling pupils to learn confidence, perseverance, resilience, team spirit, positive competitiveness, organisation and model ‘good sportsmanship’.

Please find below the Progression in PE documents, which show the key knowledge and skills covered across the school.

Progression in PE

PE Long Term Plan